Friday, January 20, 2006

David Farrars Blog & the incident with Joanne Black

Well The last week of work has certainly been interesting...

On Wenesday a man came to my checkout and I started serving him. Soon I realised that I was serving Mr David Farrar the right wing blogger who also was campaign manager for Mark Blumbksy. I asked if he was who I thought I was and he said yes. 15 mins later I appeared on his blog. Obviously I have as much as a celebrity complex as he does!

Today I was serving a customer and I was talking to her. She said something about a friends news years resolution, and then I said "Oh thats just like the listener colunmists New Years Resolution to make her kids lives miserable". She then told me that she was Joanne Black. Apparently she isn't succeeding at making there lives miserable but they are still cleaning the dishes. I think she was also suprised that a supermarket clerk was reading the listener.

Now I just don't hope I appear in her next listener column!

Monday, January 02, 2006

My New New Years Resolutions

Happy New years

Three things I would like to do this year.

1)To honour God more with my life

2)To love my neighbour as I love myself

3)To not be a hypocryte and realise that I need Gods' grace everyday and to give up my pride and to realise that my identity is founded in Jesus Christ. Not in a theology I adhere to (or don't adhere to), the church I attend, the books I read, the friends I have or don't have, or the music I listen to.

We will see what this year brings. I'm ready, bring it on!