Monday, May 10, 2010

The Challenge

Ok, I will let you, my readers into a little secret. I want to write a book, it may not be published, but I want to write a book.

I have decided I will use some of the material that I produced during my time doing lent this year.

The challenge for you is to identify which posts from the lent series were your favourite, and let me know why. You can either email me, or put your posts up on the blog.

Feel free to identify any other blogs that I have written as well.

Peace out.


Saturday, May 08, 2010


Look at all creation, it is good. God created it for his pleasure.

Look at yourself, past the outwards appearance, past your inward feelings of awkwardness and anxiety, you were created by a loving God, for his good purposes.

To be someone of change

You are more than just a number to God, more than just an avid consumer, to be had by the market. You are his child, to be in relationship.

God he sees past the pimples, the freckles, the blochy makeup.

God loves to see your inquisitiveness, he loves to see you create, make. He loves seeing you grow.

New eyes

I wrote this poem for an expressions session a couple of weeks ago back for Mosaic. I don't really think its that good, I was stressed and tired when I wroted this poem, and the next poem, but I thought I would share them with the world anyway.

Fresh eyes

Have new eyes – see the world through kids eyes.

When a kid views the world, they see unseen possibilies.

When an adult looks at chairs and tables, they see them as objects to sit on. When a kid sees a chair and table, he sees the possibility to build a fort to fight away his enemies, and to hang with their friends.

When an adult sees a pile of mud, they see a inconvenient pile of mud, when a kid sees this mud, he ses the ability to make mud pies.

When we see lines, we see constraints, kids don’t worry about the lines, they see the possibilities

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sexy Coal