Saturday, May 08, 2010

New eyes

I wrote this poem for an expressions session a couple of weeks ago back for Mosaic. I don't really think its that good, I was stressed and tired when I wroted this poem, and the next poem, but I thought I would share them with the world anyway.

Fresh eyes

Have new eyes – see the world through kids eyes.

When a kid views the world, they see unseen possibilies.

When an adult looks at chairs and tables, they see them as objects to sit on. When a kid sees a chair and table, he sees the possibility to build a fort to fight away his enemies, and to hang with their friends.

When an adult sees a pile of mud, they see a inconvenient pile of mud, when a kid sees this mud, he ses the ability to make mud pies.

When we see lines, we see constraints, kids don’t worry about the lines, they see the possibilities

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