Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Alas More Photos

At the Top of the Peak of Love Enjoying the View and Eating Lunch

Me and Sveta at the top of the Peak of Love

Russians and a strang guy with a pen held between his mouth and nose. Have we found a member of an anceint tribe. No its just sym.


The Team, Natasha, Sergie, Vala, and thier family outside thier house

More Photos!

Jenya surveying the Territory

Pabal the machine leading the team successfully accross the waterfalls

Nardya, Jo and Nasdia at one of the many waterfalls

Sveta and the kids in the park

One of the soccer games that my team lost - but wasn't it great. Russians are awesome soccer players. New Zealanders and Hobbits should stick to other sports. Or resort to punching players of the other team in the back - ask sym about that one

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Siberia 06 - Photos, Photos and you guessed it - more photos!

Church prayer meeting at Yakov and Natashas House

Sym and Claire Together

Me on the boat to Lusvianca

Lunch at Lusvianca - Ummm Yum!

Sym the Stonewall Strategist

The Girls enjoying thier time in Arshan