Sunday, April 02, 2006

Terrorism - an interesting thought

In america the case has become that the terrorist has become the escape goat for americas growing economic and social woes. America deals things it sees as destructive to its society or culture by ostracising them and then persecuting them. This happened in the salem witch trials, the McCarthy communist trials, the Treatment of supposed terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and the way they are looking to treat the mexican illegal immigrant. It argues that the freedom of some individuals should be taken away for the better of thier society yet is it really? Republicans and the American public have been in conservative backlash against the 1970s and the social upheaval of the new left for nearly forty years, hoping to bring it back to an innocent and progressive world that they had before then. This will never happen, as one you allow the forces out the box cannot be closed. This happened with the other social revolutions of our time.

We Need to realise that we have partly created the terrorist and we are as much a terrorist as those who are doing the terrorism Seems that europeans are scared to deal with the problems they have created in the world such third world povery, environmental destruction, nuclear arms, etc. I think we have been as much are terrorist as the al qaeda terrorist. In our question for progress we have created many distructive processes and the potential for evil has been made even greater. We need to make choices, diologue might be too far off in some cases, but we need to start dealing with world social, political, economic and environmental issues, but this diologue must not be just one sided, it must involve those who are going to effect or have been effected. Terrorism/ destruction is happening all the time, but it can be elleviated. We cannot change the past but we can change the future.

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