Monday, June 12, 2006

Siberia 06 - I'm going back! In a week and a half!

As Many of you will know I'm going back to siberia from June 23rd to July 15. I am really looking forward to this trip and being reunited with people that I met last year on the missions trip. We are going back to Irkutsk where we will set up base in Ernie and ricky pruits for a week. Where we will both just rest and relax and prepare for the camp that we will be heading off to in ashan. Arshan is a rural township based in a mountainous region of siberia. It is known for its mineral pools which are supposed to have medicinal properties.

The main focus for me on this missions trip is to develop those relationships I formed last year to do develop new relationships. The other aim is to support and strengthen the church in siberia, with a real focus on teaching on unity from the book of ephesians and of course last but no means least, to see God glorified and honoured.

I have also the hope that my relationship with God would grow and be challenged even more on this trip to siberia. My aim is to see my heart for missions continue to develop. My real hope is to see people encouraged and growing in thier relationship with Jesus Christ and in some way be part of thier spiritual growth.

I'm also looking forward to worshiping with the Russian Beleivers. As a christian this is the most awsome experience you can ever have. Worshiping with other beleivers, singing praises to the lord when you come from totally different cultures and backgrounds and realising that there is a unity there that you cannot describe in words. A unity that comes from your faith and walk with God. I have come to a conclusion that this is one of the many glimpses of what heaven is like here on earth.

Missions is our heart as christians on earth. As John Piper states, It is our longing as christians to see "the world come into a white hot enjoyment of Gods Glory."

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