Saturday, February 03, 2007

Amy Winehouse=Rehab

There is so much awesome innovative music coming out at the moment. Rehab is the first single off the Amy Winehouses second album Back and Black. She sounds like Sherley Basey, and has the sas of the likes of UK hip hop artist, Lily Allen. Listen to this song, its really really catchy!

Update: Sorry that the original post of this song didn't work, YouTube Has been causing me many hassles over the last couple of week.


Nathanael Baker said...

juinshii said...
Hey nathanael!
wow it was suprising but pleasant to see the comments from you!
Yea i will email sometime, btw you seem to have a pretty good blog going on also!
ok keep in touch

7:29 AM
Anonymous said...
the utube thing doesnt work

4:19 PM

Nathanael Baker said...

I've Reposted the original comments from my last blog that were lost when it was deleted.