Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I found this at the emergentkiwi blog. Really challenges me on a whole lot of areas as a christian. In christian community, we are there to serve and care for one another, and care for those who are lost, hungry, needy. As a great socialist writer wrote years past "no man is an island" and the disney work Highschool Musical reminds us with its great philisophical insights "we're all in this together" Reflect on this picture, think about it, are you really plugged in. Are you just in a community becuase it fulfills your needs, or are you really serving? Plug into God, ask him about where he wants to take you next, seek his will, you will find that you are challenged to go places that you never thought you were willing to go. God doesn't want some of us, he wants all of our being (Rom 12:1-3) seek him out and he will invade your life and change it.

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