Monday, September 10, 2007

Work, Life, Faith - Its all about discipleship!

I found this on the Vanguard Church Blog today, I think it sums up my view on discipleship at the moment. We need to get past the idea that ministry is just for the church, located in the church, for Christians. Our lives are mission, we are a missional people, sent by a missional God, commissioned by a missional saviour (Mathew 28:18-20).

"Every Christian is in "full-time ministry," no matter what they are doing, no matter what it says on their business card, no matter if they punch a time clock or are on salary, no matter if they are doing technical work or people work, no matter if they are paid or a volunteer, no matter if they work for their boss or for their family as a housekeeper. Every line of work, no matter what it is, is full-time ministry. Because every line of work needs to be transformed into a calling from God to fulfill the cultural mandate of Genesis 1 & 2. Our first command from God is to create culture - 'to fill the earth and subdue it, to work it and take care of it'"

Seriously we have to get past this dualism in our thinking, every moment is sacred, every moment is also secular, we are to use it for the glory of God. Jesus is Lord over every moment of your life, are you living it that way, or do you think when you go to work, university, school, the pub, the cafe down the street that God takes a back seat, this is wrong, this is pagan thinking and not of God. We need to acknowledge and live in the knowledge that Jesus is Lord over every moment and every second.

Anyway, off my rant, the vanguard church blogger makes a point by stating that churches should have a commissioning service for all in the church. I think this is a good idea, making people realise that they are living out a missional lifestyle for all to see, for all to taste, so that all will know the saving power of God.

Jesus is Lord, remember that!

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