Monday, October 01, 2007

Love is a Movement....

A day in L.A.
And millions of faces
Looking for a movement
'Cause everything's stuck
And everything's frozen

And everyone's broken
And nobody moves

And everyone's scared
That the motion will never come
This is the incompletion
Stuck in a line

Love is a movement
Love is a revolution
This is redemption

We don't have to slow back down
The stars are alive

They dance to the music
Of the deepest emotion
And all of the world
Is singing in time
As the heavens are caving in
Mysterious ways
Why God gave His life
To put motion inside my soul
It's bigger than cold religion
It's bigger than life

We're starting now (x3)
We don't have to slow back down
This is a revolution (x2

I'm not going to write much on this, because I'm stressing over university work at the moment (My last essay Is causing me such pain that I don't know what to do!)

This song gets me, Jesus was not a man who sat in steely chambers, like an academic debating the meaning of Life, he was out there changing the world, one deed, one sentence at a time.

But he also chose a group of men and women to join him, to learn off him, he created a movement that was to change the world, that is changing to world.

As has been said, there is only one hope for humanity, and that is those people who follow Christ, the Church. It is the last and only hope for humanity.

We are to be a movement of love and grace, sharing the redemptive love of Jesus with the world.

But I'm going back to one thing here, we are a movement, an organism of men and women, working together to bring the kingdom in organic natural ways.

We an an organism, a body of people working together. In this we do have very important parts - ministerial parts that are needed if we are to be a healthy community.

We need pastors - Pastors are Shepard's, they care for the flock, they are there encouraging those within the body
We need teachers - teachers care for the word of God deeply, they carry it in there heart and want to teach it to people
We need prophets - prophets put God at the centre, they have a heart for seeing Gods righteousness and Justice done on this earth. They do not fear treading on toes for seeing the heart of God done, they have strong sense for justice to be done on earth, and will call people to action.
We need apostles - Apostles are innovators, they lead the way forward for new expressions of community, of ministry, they are willing to move the body forward if encouraged and allowed to flourish. Those that are in this category are usually artists, business entrepreneurs etc, they create forward movement in the body
and we need evangelists - Evangelists are recruiters, they love people, they seem to have an uncanny job of bringing the message of salvation into many things. They just love hanging out with people on their own turf and sharing into their lives and pushing them forward. They find new and creative ways to share Christ (If you want to meet a great evangelist friend of mine you should meet Andrew Watson, the characteristics of an evangelist just flows from him constantly!)

OK, so This has kinda just come spurting out, what am I saying, where am I going with this weird blurb on where I'm at with life, church, etc.

God has created a movement, not an institution, we are to move forward as communities, creating something New and fresh. It has Christ at its centre, it cannot go forward without Christ at the centre, if it attempts to it will turn into a chaotic mush! We need to recover who Jesus is, reading the stories of the Gospel. Jesus was always on the road, the most dangerous place of all in the time that he lived, sharing into the lives of people. To move forward and create momentum we may in fact have to drop the superfluous (our buildings, our structures, etc) so that we can again become a movement centred on Christ and building his kingdom. We need to focus away from all that holds us back, the comfortable pews of church and moving forward into movement that reaches the lost, the lonely, the poor, the brokenhearted. I am struggling with what this means for me, like many others, but I myself have to find movement, find where God will lead me, to become uncomfortable, to become stretched to the extremes of my limits, so that I can live an authentic, real life as a Jesus follower

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