Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bye Bye Juicey

Juicey (Justin and Lacey) have left New Zealand to go back home to America for three months. These two have been a real blessing for Mosaic. They play an integral part to the community that is Mosaic. I got to say, even though they are only going to be gone for three months. I am really going to miss having them around.

The first time I met Justin and Lacey, they called me Daniel, and brought me home. I failed to correct them that my name was Nathanael partly out of politeness and the fact that I worried that if I corrected them they might not bring me back to my house! We have had many awesome times, particularly early on, where I was involved in long drawn out counselling sessions over numerous issues with them.

Lacey is a key person within Mosaic, her warmth and friendship has been a key for bringing along people to connect to Mosaic. Me and Justin have spent hours having indepth theological discussions and managed to explain some of N.T’s theology in an hour, which was impressive.

Journeying with these Juicey has been cool, I can’t wait till next year and cooking up some great ideas for how to serve Wellington, serve students and share Christ with those who come across the Mosaic.

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justin "the balding" said...

oh nate dog! don't you worry the juceyness shall return. and with fresh american twinkies.