Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giving to Live

I posted this on Capital Mosaics website this week. Read and see what you think

There is a lake in the middle of a desert. You would think that it would be the source of life for all that surrounds it, but there is nothing there.

The environment is bland; the lake has no fish at all.

It is dead.

The place is called the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea’s lack of life is brought on by one simple fact - the water does not flow out. With this, all the natural sediments that would normally give life build up to a level which is literally toxic, doing the complete opposite to what is intended.

Humanity is like this too. If we live for our selfish desires and do not give to something more than ourselves we become toxic. We may live, but many times the life we live is unhealthy, and it isn’t at maximum drive and energy.

The healthy giver is then like a river that flows out and gives life to those around it. It gives energy to the surrounding valleys. It does not stagnant. The healthy giver realises that they have a bigger purpose. Their streams bring life and health to those around. As we practice giving, we practice living as healthier people.

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