Monday, February 23, 2009

Google Meme

Since I am bored, but not tired enough to go to sleep, I thought I would fill in this google meme.

Google your full first name and the word “needs” like this - “Nathanael needs” - and then post the first 10 things that Google finds.

Nathanael needs a Wikipedia Page

Nathanael needs to meet a westie

Nathanael needs a disciple

Nathanael needs a novelist

Nathanael needs a web user interaction designer

Nathanael needs a flicker photostream

Nathanael needs a revolutionary army

Nathanael needs a university lecturer

Nathanael needs a diary on his life

Nathanael needs a wasteland of contradictions

I tag Joshua, Sym, Andrew Watson, Justin Blass and Benn Crawford.

1 comment:

Joshua Baker said...

Does my having ignored my having been tagged betray my not having visited your blog in months?*

Well, yes it does, I suppose, but I choose to ignore my having been tagged anyway, because my blog is too awesome to be soiled by such childish affairs.


*Isn't this a horrible sentence?