Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Violinist

One day in the dingy New York underground. A lone busker, dressed in jeans and talked walked and set up his gear. He placed down his old shabby violin case and took out his precious possession to start and play.

He began playing, in anticipation of the passers by. Playing for the passion of playing, playing for someone who may appreciate. People walked by. After the 15 minues he had collected a few small coins a the moments notice of a couple of people. In the next 15 minutes, a parent with her unassuming child walked through. The child listened and was caught up, they wanted to stop. The parent, stressed by the fact she was running late and had a board meeting pulled the kid by her hands, tearing the kid from the magnetic hold of the music.

Other uassuming kids tried to stop their parents from filling their daily working grind. They wanted to listen to what impacted their imaginations, that made them dance, rather than pound the pave way with their busy overworked parents.

At the end of the 45, the man had collected 35 dollars and 7 steers from individuals.

This man was Joshua Bell, an award winning violinist, who playing one of his most celebrated pieces.

How often do we miss the beautiful because we are focused on the mundane?

How often do we miss focusing on what is beautiful because we fail to stop and listen?

H.T: Rob Bell

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