Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love = Acceptance but can I accept Love?

Love, what is it, so intangible, unexplainable, unknown.

Love is to be known truly, and to be accepted when you are known for your deepest darkest secrets, your highs and your lows, your dreams and your nightmares. Love accepts you and provides true equal opportunity.

Love will sacrifice its time, resources, its all so, you will come to know it truly.

Love transforms a dry parched land, broken and eroded by the passing harsh seasons into a beautful abundant garden with the lushest fruits every know.

If to be love it to be known fully, to be accepted in the knowedge that it knows you, do I have the courage to allow this love to engulf me to transform me into something new, and to journey in the reality of this idea. That I am chosen, no matter what I have done.

Only when we accept love, can we truly know true love, but during this journey, we can pass on the idea of true unbreakable love to those around us who need to know the power of love. As we do this we journey into accepting true love.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'm with you on this one Nathanael. If we are talking about God here, God who is Love, who revealed himself in Jesus and in scripture then what it seems like you are saying in this particular blog is quite different to what scripture tells us. God's perfect unconditional everlasting love is there for us whether we accept it or not. Love you lots, mum.

Nathanael Baker said...

Hey Mum, totally agree "Gods perfect unconditional everylasting love is there for us whether we accept it or not", just wrestling with that idea - what is love, how do I view it and where is it driving.