Tuesday, September 19, 2006

First Year Gone of Blogging - Reflections

This Blog is one Year old! Crazy! Amazing what can happen in one year. I have blogged on many issues

What will this blog be like in a years time. I've grappled through a number of issues of faith, wrestled with God and continue to. My beleifs change and I grow - but my dedication to my lord and saviour, Jesus Christ continues. My mission is to show the saving love of Jesus in a seeing that God wants to both bring salvation in the here and now, and give people future hope where the kingdom of God is fully established here on earth. This blog continues to show that I'm unfinished, and I'm happy with that fact. I want to change and continue grow. I won't have all the answers this side of heaven, but I aim to be live my life in a way that pleases my father in heaven - I'm still finding out what that means and will continue to blog frustrations, process and growth. I will fall down and graze myself sometimes ending up with a limp and lots and lots ofr pain, but God graciously picks me up. I will learn from my falls most of the time will continue to change. This process of course wont be finished here in this life, but I am on a Journey, where I am changing and growing. I look forward to see how this blog pans out it the coming year. Its a work in process, just like I am!
Wow it is exciting!

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