Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pillar - Nothing Comes for Free EP

I have got to say that this is just an awesome ep, and it left we waiting for more. Pillar are a great band, who are showing thier maturity as a band on their latest ep. These guys keep getting better and better and show that they desserve the success that they have gained.

Nothing Comes for Free is a seven long EP, with three new songs, and 4 live recordings from Blue cats (I don't know where that is, but it sounds like it was an awesome gig from the recordings!)

The first song on the record Everything has all the qualities of a great Pillar song, it has the raw energy and killer rifts found on their last LP Where do we go from Here. This song holds true to Pillar, who have never let go of thier beliefs for fame. They fully tell their listeners that to be a christian is not an easy road, and that it costs everything and that for a christian to gain the prize which means everything (Christ Jesus, our salvation!)

The second song, called Escape Continues to tell the evangelical message that Pillar pumps hard and fast. Jesus is our hope, and is our only escape from sin, death, pain, suffering. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. This song will not be on the full length album - The Reckoning, but it deserves to be! This song again follows from thier last album. It has alot of punk sounding rifts and chords, and reminds me alot of Holding On, But it is a slower song

Dangerous is another great song and is my favourite song on the record, and for me should be one of the signature songs of Pillar, I can't understand why it has not made the cut for The Reckoning. They must have some awesome songs for the coming record. It is a full on pumping song. Classic, classic pillar! The song keeps me rocking for the whole 3 1/2 minutes.

I'm not going to comment on the live songs, only to say that it sounds like they played an awesome concert that day, makes me hope that they will come to parachute and play a concert. The one thing they should have had on this EP was an acoustic version of Simply. That would have made my day!

I am really looking forward to The Reckoning. This album was supposed to come out early this year, but its worth the wait. The new material that did not make the cut for the album is awesome, and hopefully means that the new album will be just brilliant. Otherwise I will be slagging off pillar in a month. It sounds like pillar have moved further away from the rap core genre, and are doing solid, hard, alternative rock, with a splash of punk in thier music which is great. I think thier next album will show that this band is maturing to the next level.

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