Sunday, March 11, 2007

Christine Caine - "Stop acting like a christian and Just be one!"

I ordered a couple of sermons from parachute which there has been aparently unpresidented demand. I would like to recommend the sermon by christine caine. It is a brilliant sumary of living missionally in the world we live in.

I would like to state a few points that I've been thinking about lately
1- Read the gospels - look into these great books, look at how Jesus related to people, compare it to the criticism he gives about the religious people in those books.
2- talk to your nextdoor nieghbours - form relationships with them and find out what stuffs going on in thier life. You will be amazed at what you find out about them, what needs they have and how you can help them. It might just be caring for your next doors nieghbours kid while they go to a meeting, it might be helping someone through a viscious breakup, just be there for those around us.
3- Being is better than doing, look into the bible, being a christian is about having a relationship with jesus and letting that permeate our every action. It is about taking on the mind of christ (look at Romans 12 - sorry my references are bad or look at phillipians 2 in the context of that epistle, you will be amazed what you will discover about how to be a christian in the context of the world we live in.)
4- Read the bible, pray, listen to the heart of Jesus - let him challenge you. He will, I know. Be willing to be angry at injustice and do something about it, be willing to preach truth to the blind, be willing to listen to peoples problems, be discomforted with the words of Jesus and challenged enough to do something with them in your own life.

I know this is all hard stuff, I went through a number of years of my life knowing the truth of the gospel but not living it out in my actions. I have been at many times a performer, looking holy, acting holy, but my life not living up to what it really should look like. For me to change to the point where I am I had to go through the most painful period of questioning in my entire life, arguing, fighting with God, trying to find out what the hell he wanted from me. I was humbled severely by God, my faith has grown, developed and changed because of this. I go through periods of discomfort in my faith and thank God for this. I want to be sold out for his will for my life. I want to show the lost the way back home to thier father, I want to show people that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

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