Friday, March 09, 2007

Life, Coffee and Stress

Life has taken on a change for the crazyness, I've just started my honours year in politics up at victoria and I now understand why people have no social life and look like a wreck by the end of the honours year. Its becuase there is just so much work to be done in so little time. I am starting to get used to this experience, even though for the last week, i've been wondering if i'm taking the right step. My prayer is that I will keep focused on the big picture, keep hooked into my relationship with my lord and saviour and that nothing really blows up in my face to badly in the next year. I will keep trying to write my thoughts on life, religion, faith, politics, mission etc. This year is the most exciting and scary year of my life, and seems to look like it is going to be one of the greatest tests of my faith ever. Bring it on!

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