Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Repainting our Image of Jesus

Who is Jesus to you? How have you painted him? Is your image of Jesus western middle class, would be comfortable singing a few songs in church on Sunday. Or is your Jesus the radical, Marxist student, who will steal from the rich to give to the poor, the man who is looking to overthrow the government because of its corruption, or is your Jesus a poor Middle Eastern Man, who accosted the Hypocrites, showing them up for who they were, would only accept those followers who would give up all to follow him, accepted the rich and the poor into his community of faith, cared for the sick, the lost the lonely, Fed the Hungry and gave his all to show that He is the way to heaven and that he is divinity in human form.

Our View of Christ matters, If we sanitise the image of Christ, we are sanitising Gods call for us. Gods call for us is to be radical Christ followers. The middle class image of Jesus doesn’t do, because Christ was not about us been comfortable pew warmers. The image of Christ as a Marxist doesn’t do, because it forgets that Jesus accepted all into his arms, including the Tax collector, the image of Crony Capitalism in the Roman Period. At the moment I believe its closest to the last image of Jesus. We are called to embrace all those who are longing for something more, something deeper. We are called to be active, showing Gods love through our lives, reaching out and touching those around us.

God wants us to be real Followers of him, not people who attend church because its good then walk away after the service, not changing anything in our lives. Its about our whole life being aligned with Gods will. I repeat, we are not made to be Sunday followers, we are to be following Christ daily, following his call on our life.
I don’t care who you reach out to in your life, be they rich, poor, black, gay, straight, man or women, but do! Reach out beyond your comfort zone, share your life with those around you. Shine your light daily. Discover what God wants for your life. Learn to follow Jesus with Your All!

We are called to follow the man of sorrows

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