Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Alan Hirsh's Full Monty!

I read Alan Hirsch's blog on this a few days ago. This has been an issue that I've been thinking through for the last while and trying to come up with a solution. Is it all about right theology (orthodoxy), is it all about right practice (orthopraxy) or is there something more.

Here I'm going to go on a few seconds of thinking. You can have orthodox thought, but you can be a mean nasty person and your faith can be dead in the sand. You have pride in the fact that you have right thought and that you know that anyone else who says something that is different than this is a heretic and they should be judged.

The flip side of this, you care for the poor, you feed the hungry, care for the sick, you are downright saintly, but you have no idea if you are saved. You judge people for not feeding the sick, for caring for the hungry and you have issues with eternal hell, jesus being the only way to heaven and anything else that is orthodox teaching, (becuase it seems if you are orthodox you may be judging.)

Ok these are caracatures, but it shows the faults of both ways of thinking and the tensions of this dichotomy, what Alan Hirsh offers in his blog is a Triunity, based on Hebraic thought and epistimology.

If you just got really confused with all the big words I fitted into one sentence, check out
this link hopefully Alan Hirsh can clear it up and explain the full monty of discipleship in a much simpler way than the muddle of complex thoughts in my head!

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