Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mark Driscoll Parody of Persecuted American Christians

I found this on Syms blog. Mark Driscolls humour makes for great social commentary!


Lisa said...

That was very good. If you haven't listened to that you need to! Especially if you

a) drive a red car or

b) ever bought a prayer of jabez book

Nathanael Baker said...

I thought you would like it Lisa. Hope your week is going in the world of teaching.

Jake Belder said...

It is very funny. You can always count on Driscoll for something like that.

But, the ironic thing is that while he makes fun of people who say it is hard to be a Christian in America, he makes the point indirectly that it is actually hard to be a Christian. Yes we don't face outright persecution, but to break out of the cultural mindset of this country, and to discover the faith that is not completely enveloped in American culture, is a very difficult thing to do.

But yes, Americans do need to stop whining.

Nathanael Baker said...

Hey Jake.

Thanks for the comment

- One disclaimer - I'm not trying to be hard on American Christians. I have a number of great American friends. I don't think this is just an American issue - though it is exentuated there. It is hard to be a living walking example of christ in my own culture. I struggle with it becuase I have so much, also I struggle to sit a pray and listen to Gods heart. I'm making changes in these areas slowly.

We all suffer with cultural captivity, for me I struggle with the captivity of New Zealand culture, we are very understated, don't like to cuase a fuss or make a noise becuase we will be considered either know it alls or un-politically correct. There are great things about New Zealand, but we have many issues aswell.