Monday, May 12, 2008


Last week Mosaic held its national conference up in the Mount. I'm still chewing on what I've learned from this expereince. I think the one thing that hit me through this experience if the need foster self-leadership. Also I feel like I totally resonate with the heart of Capital Mosaic, its in my DNA and its setting me on fire for the next point in the Mission.
Erwin is a great communicator, an astounding communicator, it amazes me that he basically talked for six or seven hours to us without any written notes whatsoever and he could explain himself thoughtfully and articulately in the the spoken form. It also astounds me the conviction he has, his love for humanity and his love for awakening the human spirit to its potential found in the loving arms of our creator is immense. The call to awaken so that we can enact change in the world in an awesome call, one that my spirit is enthralled with.
This trip was a good point for me stop and reflect on myself, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am in between jobs, I start a new permanent role at a government department next monday. This new position is awesome because I get to explore my passions for cross-cultural relationships, justice, history and politics. It means that I can develop myself as a communicator of ideas and I can develop strong relationships with others around me. Hopefully I will live up to the challenges and learn to be truly alive in the situations I face and the tasks I am involved in. I really beleive that this position is meant for me that and it can bring about positive change in communities I work in. This time away has given me a strong conviction that at my work I need to be intentional, I live with the responsibility that I may be the only source of faith love and hope that people will see. I embody Christ in this environment and because of this I have to be both committed to the work I do but committed to getting to know those who I work with personally, to learn what their hopes and fears are, and by doing so, showing them that Jesus wants to heal thier pain and wants them to live for something bigger than themselves.
This week is important for me as I rest and relax, but I'm also using the time intentionally, I have a few tasks that I'm at the moment involved in.
I am exploring and writing up my spiritual story. I have not written my story in a while, I am trying to get out the emotion and the pain of the early part of my story. I am intentionally trying to write it for people who are not on a christian spiritual journey at present. This is hard and painful, I would ask that you would pray for me as I do this.
I'm doing work on what it means to be a missional pastor in this day and age, what this means both using the gift of pastoring inside the church, but also in organisations as well. This is a joint project with my freind justin.
I am looking at a couple of shared projects to do with my passions and with the pain I've gone through in my journey as I beleive that these are places that I need to go so I can bring others healing.
These last two weeks are about becoming more aware to the life that God has called me to. Being more aware and about awakening the passions that God has given me.

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