Thursday, January 18, 2007

Conversation with Mike Brantley

One of the many issues I have been wrestling with over the last year or two is the church and the shape of church in this millenium. I have a number of people who are on the journey with me showing me, enlightening me on approaches to church in the new millenium. I have the priviledge of having numerous great mentors who have helped me along the journey to figuring out the centre.

One of them is my friend Mike Brantley. Mike Brantley attended Onslow community church while I was there and provided me with some of the background, and helped me take some steps to where I am now in my faith. I learned from his style of leadership, speaking and his ability to teach the word.

As I went through the hard times in my faith over the last year and went through thinking about what is church really about? How it should be shaped, etc, etc, Mike Brantley was one of those people who was in the back of my mind to get into contact with. A few weeks I ago decided to contact him and start a dialogue. Read where we are up to in the dialogue here. Hopefully it provides you with some richness as it has me. I am wanting to become more passionate for my Lord and saviour. I want to see New Zealand changed, I want to bring people into the kingdom. I want to spread the kingdom further and wider. Not based on institutional models or systems, but based on christ. More on this later....

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