Thursday, January 25, 2007

Political Spectrum Test

The Oz Politcs Blog has a Politics Test which tries to place you on the political spectrum. I came out most closely aligned to the Family First Party at 71%, At second Place was the Australian Democrats 69.3%, the third the Liberal Party 67.8% and then Labor at 67.6%

The Breakdown for my political leaning was that I was -12.5% which is a centrist position of this scoring system.

The Economic Policy was -4.6%. Whic again was a centrist position/

On Social Policy I score exactly 0% which means that I'm dead centre for social policy.

And on Traditional Values I'm -6.7% again a centrist position.

This is pretty close to being right, I said recently to someone asking where I stood on the political spectrum I said that I was centrist, and I have moved back towards the very centre left in my political views.

Take the test, the votes may or may not surprise you.

Hat Tip: David Farrar

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