Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My New Tie

My good friend has just come back from Southeast Asia and I asked him for a peice of communist memobilia. He has brought back me this tie!


Jake Belder said...

Haha, nice :) One of my friends once gave me a hat that has the old hammer and sickle on it, and in huge letters on the side it says, "Russia". It's funny, we can laugh about it now, but think about the fear or other emotions that would stir up in some older people.

Nathanael Baker said...

Yeah your right it would stir up fear in some! I'm planning to wear it to some politicss tutorials this trimester that I might be taking, it should be fun!

The most intriguing thing was seeing when my youngest brother got baptised, one of the guys who was baptising him was wearing a hammer and sickle on his t-shirt. One guy said how both Stalin and Lenin would be turning in thier grave if they saw that today. :-)