Monday, January 14, 2008

Recommended Music!

This is an open post. I'm feeling the need to expand my horizons on the music front. I want people to help me to do my homework for me.

Name your favourite bands at the moment and why you like them

Name your favourite single.

Ok I will name some of my favourite groups and songs.

Anberlin. Thier Song <Fin> has been one of my favourites for the last year or so. Mainly becuase its the masterpeice of thier album cities. The chior is awesome on that song. I think the song also shows the strengths of the lead singers vocals as well. Its a great climax to what I think is a mediocre record from the boys!

Emery Listening to Freddie Mercury. This song has number of parts to it. Its trademark of the style of thier second album The Question. But it flows nicely and ends well .

Foo Fighters Come Alive. My favourite song on The Echoes Patience Silence and Grace. I hope they do not make this a single otherwise I'm writing to the record company to show my displeasure that they have ruined my favourite song!

Interpol. I can't say what song is my favourite on thier latest Album. I'm just happy that thier latest album doesn't make me feel as depressed as Antics did. I like the latest album a whole lot. Very professional and very crisp. As one reviewer said though, they have overproduced some of the songs in thier latest abulm. Evil is a standout track from Antics.

Qwandors Picks:

The Anywheres and their song "Bottom of Yourself"
Jonathan Coulton

Jakes Picks:

Aqaulung and their song "Strange and Beautiful"

Sigur Rós and their song Untitled #8 (Popplagið)

and a heavy metal band Dream Theater

st as we go along on this little adventure. Please Please Please Post Comments, and thanks for those who have already commented


Anonymous said...

I currently like The Anywheres, because they play some nice alternative rock. Their song Bottom of Yourself has been going through my head a lot over the last few days. You can download their self-titled album for free on, or buy it from CDbaby.

I also think that Jonathan Coulton is great. He plays some hilarious folk rock (and some more serious songs too). You can download some of his songs from his website, or buy his albums from the same place. I particularly recommend Mandelbrot Set, Skullcrusher Mountain, That Spells DNA and Curl. Re Your Brains is also funny.

Beyond specific artists, though, I recommend getting a account. The idea of is that you download a plugin for your music player (or in some cases, such as Amarok, there is already support built in and you just have to enter your account details) which reports to what songs you listen to. will then recommend other tracks and artists that you might like based on your tastes and those of other people who listen to similar music. In some cases (depending on what the record labels have allowed) you will be able to listen to a preview or download full songs as MP3s. As well as this, it generates customised radio stations based on your tastes (or, if you prefer, tags or similar artists). It will also generate a profile page for you (for an example, see my profile) so that your friends can see what you are listening to.

Nathanael Baker said...

Thanks, I will listen to them when I have some time or I'll listen to them on last fm. (You have to show me how to add html tags sometimes to comments. I feel like I'm really really computer illiterate.) I have heaps of Jonathan Coulton on my computer aswell. Thanks for your comments.

Jake Belder said...

Ah, so much good music out there, so little time...

Currently, my most played artist is Aqualung. Hard to classify his music, indie rock would probably be best. Unique sounds, and in most of his songs you can really sense feeling come from him. I'm a big fan of his song Strange and Beautiful.

I also like Sigur Rós a lot. They are an Icelandic band, classified as post-rock. I won't lie, they are strange, especially when you first start listening to them. But they grow on you, and you start to see a lot of musical genius emerge, and some really creative and moving sounds. A particular favorite of mine from them is Untitled #8 (Popplagið).

When I'm in for some all out, driving heavy metal, you can't go wrong with Dream Theater. Absolutely amazing musicians technically. You will be blown away by how skilled they are.

I could recommend lots more, but I'm with gwandor...get It's a great tool. That's largely how I've been introduced to new and different artists.

Nathanael Baker said...

Hey Jake, Nice to meet you. Yeah I have heard a little bit of Sigur Rós. I need to have a lttle bit more of a listen to them sometime! And I will have to have a listen to Aqaulung aswell.

Thanks for the comments. You are right, there is so much good music out there! I wish they would play more of it on the radio but they seem to be stuck on playing crappy pop songs here in New Zealand. The joys of only having a small market!