Thursday, January 17, 2008

Posts of Note # 2

The Blogosphere has been heating up again so I am going to make some general references to my favourite blog posts and websites at the moment, as usual I'm about two weeks behind the times, but hey here is a few blogs that interest me.

Mak from Swinging from the Vine has written a very nice post called Lest we forget the Mystical. I found it interesting to hear her view that we are going through a period of renewal or revival within the Christian church which is being led by the emerging/emergent churches. It would be interesting to hear thoughts from anyone, both positive or critical of this. The term mystic is growing on me and I may be using it one day on myself ;-) Anyway, I think Mysticism and the holy spirit are highly important, but as me and Matt were talking about, the need for a plan can be necessary to get things sometimes working and shaped. More on this topic later....

Mak has another great post about her Cat and comparisons with herself. Sym will like this as I know one of his most favourite books flows into this topic. She states...
"I’m an eager little lap cat with hungry eyes jumping up into God’s lap for some warmth until I have something more interesting to do. I’m not interested in the give and take of relationship, just the warmth I feel from the experience.

And hey, I’m not stupid, I’m not going to bite the hand that feeds me right? I’ll put up with some attention and maybe even listen long enough to hear a few words but that’s about the extent of it.

Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner."

It seems our desire for warmth, food and security drives us many times, rather than a love for our father. Just to sit at his feet panting like a dog, being loyal to our maker becuase we know God is good, picking up the stick becuase we know it pleases the master, living to please him because our master is good to us.

More on this kind of topic, read another brilliant post by Mike Brantley on Spotlight Rangers. I know that many times in my journey I have been the spotlight ranger, making it look like I'm all strong and mighty, but running for cover, looking for security when the perverbial hits the fan. I don't look for security in God, rather I look for it in stuff, in a job and a career, or my credentials.

Reid S Monagan has done a good review of Christianity Dangerous Idea, which is a history of the Reformation. After having a rather stimulating conversation about the differences of opinion on scripture with a newly catholic convert, I think I may need to read this! I certainly have been spending a lot of time reading my history of christian theology over the last few days.

Last but not least, Alan Hirsh has put up on his blog a interview from openheaven. This gives a good entree of the ideas that you will find in Alan's book "The Forgotten Ways" which I would highly recommend to anyone who is planting a church in a western, post-christian culture.

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