Friday, October 21, 2005

Anberlin - Never Take Freindship Personal

Finding a good christian is at times like sifting for Gold. It takes hard work and sometimes your efforts are fruitless, but when you find that CD, you cry "Eureka I've found it."

Anberlin's Sophemore release 'Never Take Friendship Personal' follows up Blueprintsfortheblack market in great fashion. It is an intriguing album that I can not stop listening to (Which I do with a number of great cds). This CD is a complete CD, The production is awesome an is a sweat-flowing album that keeps you on your feet dancing and your head thrashing from start to finish. Anberlin reminds me of rock groups such as Jimmy Eat World with thier awesome melodys and awesome quitars. These guys though step it up a notch with hard hitting drums and cruching guitar. They then top it up with the vocals. The vocals I will have to say are not as good some groups. The album has been impressing critics in america and recieving astounding reviews for a relatively uknown band. For Example Rip It Up (4 1/2 Stars), Real Groove (4 1/2 Stars), and the website (4 Stars).

This album is a highlight from start to finish. The songs are all great numbers.
Never take freindship personal is the first song on the album. It is a song about hurt and pain. It is a wonderfully powerful rock song. Starting off with strong heavy guitars and continuing in that flow of mind. It carrys the emotion of hurt and the loss of trust from start to finish. It is a great opening track.
The Album then flows into Paperthin Hymn again typical anberlin on this album hardhitting guitar chords accomplishing good rock. I don't exactly know what the songs about so I will say it is just another great song.
Stationary Stationary is about a relationship that going no where. This is a bloody good pop rock song. It is one of the stand out songs for me on this album and if the record company had the same taste in music as I do it would be a single. This song gets me bouncing up and down from start to finish.
(The symphony of) Blase, Is a Beautiful slow track (Slow for Anberlin.) It is very emotional and brings a tear to my eye. It is a great track
A Day Late is the first single off the album. This song is how I discovered the band that has changed my listening habits. Again typical Anberlin.
The Runaways is another great typical anberlin track. It is very heavy but is a song that you can still bounce along to. It shows the vocal variety of the lead singer for the band.
Time and Confusion is a song about following after you dreams. It is a great song I love it. It is just a really fun and great song. It is hopefulled and dream-making music
The Feel Good Drag is about lust, sex and temptation and society. It is dark at times in its music and lyrics.
Dance Dance Christa Paffgen is the final track on the album. It is a beautiful track about love and chemistery. This is a wierd love song but it is my favourite track on the album. Too long to be a single but it captivates you for the whole seven minutes of the song.
You need to listen to this album. These guys impress me a whole lot and i'm excited to see them coming down to Parachute 06. They will not disappoint you. I promise

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