Friday, October 21, 2005

If NZ Idol was decided by MMP

This is for all you who enjoy the form of popular democracy called Reality TV Shows.
This came from Maxim Institutes online weekly magazine 'Real Issues'.
1.Those you voted off last week would be back on the list.
2.Contestants would start every sentence with "When I'm NZ Idol, I'll...".
The bottom five candidates would be kicked off in the first week for failing to reach the threshold.
3.Jackie and Frank would announce they had worked out a three-way deal to support one of the contestants on confidence and supply, but this did not mean they were in any way supporting one of the contestants, but planned to work constructively with all of them, for the sake of the competition.
4.It will emerge later in Investigate magazine that Nik and Sir Howard Morrison were in a secret conspiracy to thwart Rosita with an infamous "Rosita is fat" smear campaign.
5.Petra will demand that Jean be given a space in the bottom three, and if this does not happen, she will threaten to quit the competition.
he losing contestant in the final two will say it's fine, because the country has called him to other things.
6.Contestants would attack their competitors throughout the competition, using phrases such as "No talent hack" and "unstable lunatic", but "come together" in the last week to declare that they are the best of friends, and looking forward to working together.

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