Thursday, October 06, 2005

Parachute 06 - The Case of the Missing Bands

If you are like me you will be dissapointed to see that there are only three big bands coming to parachute this year. Sources have told me that the reason why this has occured is that the Sonfest music festival has gone under. This means that fewer big christian bands are willing to come and play parachute becuase of the long and expensive trip from thier home countries. There is also the increased global threat of terrorism that can make bands make long trips to the southern hemisphere.

So was last year the peak of Parachute Festival, with many major bands and recording companies there for the concert. We will see. Parachute will drop in numbers this year and probrably platua for a few years but if australia gets another big festival it will all be on again. Parachute will still be a huge place for youth groups and the whole of hamiltons youth to hang out(becuase there is nothing else to do in hamilton ;-]) It is an awesome time away with freinds and always a good time.

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