Friday, October 14, 2005

Emery - "The Question?

This is Emery's sophomore release on Tooth and Nail Records. Emery is a Hard Core rock band who are classed in the Screamo category. This means they have girl sounding guy vocals mixed with screams in their songs. The Album is produced by Aaron Sprinkle, know for his work on albums such as Anberlins Never Take Freindship Personal. This album is full of what I call Chaotic Rock. From Start to finish this album does not flow or carry. The Album is introduced well with a hard hitting screamo track "So Cold I Could Hold my Breath", which talks about lust and sex and the struggles that people hide. The album then meanders through the next couple of tracks where Emery can't decide what rhythm to stick to or what style to stick to. The Fourth Track, the single, Studying Politics, is a classic emery track full of great harmony with hardhitting rock and scremo. This track is one of the highlights of the album, talking about relationship breakups and the hurt behind it. The album then picks up again from here but tracks still seem to meander because of Emerys lack of ability to keep a style or a rhythm in their tracks. "Listening to Freddy Mercury" is a great track and brings another set of hard hitting lyrics about sin and life, and the fact that we all sin This song starts strong and concludes. "The Terrible Secret" is then another classic emery track. Starting of with a strong introduction then flowing into a chorus and actually not flowing into chaos. This track shows what emery can do when they don't try to become complicated and arty, and just stick to the basics of style and rhythm. The Last two songs, a "Win Win Stituation", and a "Lose Lose Situation", show what earlier songs lacks, that is a constant rhythm and style. A Win Win Situation is a classic emo track, containing nice chords and piano pieces, again showing that the band has the ability to write good tracks and make good albums It is a beautiful song that finishes a chaotic album off with class and makes you forget about the earlier shockers of the Album. The weightlessness of the Album for me are "So Cold I Could See My Breath", "Studying Politics", Listening to Freddy" Mercury" and "The Terrible Secret." The Lowlights for me is this albums lack of flow and that the potential of this band wasn't lived up to on their second album

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