Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Light in the Dark

This week has been a really busy week for me and one that I struggled with at the start. I had alot of energy taken out of me by basically not having a weekend the weekend prior as I was preparing for an interview. By wenesday I was stuffed and had a very bad migrane that basically left me feeling lathargic for the whole day. The good news is that I heard that I was getting my contract at the Ministry extended so that was a great sign. I have started work on one important project that is going to take up alot of my time for the next couple of weeks up to Easter and I received real good feedback from my team mates and my manager that I report to. So all in all I felt happy with how work is going on.

Mosaic was awesome of wenesday evening, one of the most defining moments that I've had with Mosaic so far. It was really important for me what we did on wenesday night and it will leave a lasting impression on me. We finished off going through the Sermon on the Mount. This section is one of the most demanding parts of the bible, challenging us to become agents in the Kingdom and offering a set of values that are truly countercultural.

I really enjoyed the focus time. We went through the section on salt and light and learned that salt was used in the time as a preservative, I'm still struggling to apply this idea, so if anyone has any Idea please help me out. But salt is also a healer, it is rubbed into wounds to bring purification and healing. Salt like this is painful - but healing to the brokenness we feel. We then sprinkled salt over a map of Wellington to symbolise our commitment to be salt to Wellington City. We then turned off the lights and sat around a candle. We were asked to take in the scene. It was dark and disorientating, and there was no focus for us. Then we lighted the candle, this gave us focus, it gave us direction and gave clarity, we could see obstacles in the room. Phil talked about a time when he entered a rural house in pitch dark, he had to crawl accross the floor and to try and find his room becuase he was too scared to turn on the light. This is how we can be, with no light we can't find where we are going and find it hard to move forward, it is only with light that we find clarity. Can you remember from watching the Lord of the Rings how important Gandalfs staff was to bring clarity and direction - the light was the lead in the journey. We need light to direct us in the right way. Light also shows up where we are broken, where we need fixing. If we let God shine his light in we can allow him to start the healing process in our broken lives so that we can be restored.

The Game of my Life
Ok maybe not really, but I've made the move to make some healthier lifestyle choices. I've started playing indoor Netball on friday. I played centre and survived the whole game so that was awesome. I enjoyed the fact that I kept up with the person I was marking for the whole game and caused mistakes for the player and I nearly made a two pointer from outside the circle. I got good comments back at the end of the game. We may have lost but we stayed pretty competitive throughout the game against a very experienced team.

This week has been great. I have been learning alot, and gained a bit more confidence that I am in the right place, that God is blessing the decisions I am making but also know I have a more challenges to face when it comes to my priorities and my life.

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Hey bro, thanks for your comment. I would hate to think what I would be doing if I lived in a place with substandard coffee. Actually I've been their before, its called the United States, and I grieved.

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