Sunday, March 16, 2008

Posts of Note # 4

I've put a number of new links up on my blog over the last couple of weeks to blogs of members of Mosaic.

Get Busy Living is the blog of Benn Crawford

The walking stick and Learning to Love are the blogs of my New American friends Justin Blass and Lacey Speck. They are missionaries here with student life. It is great to have them as part of Mosaic. I am sure having a whole lot of fun spending time talking with them and sharing life with them in our little (yet growing) community.

Kingdom grace has an interesting post on intimacy with God and what that means. How do we see our relationship with God. Is the electric fence experience important? What does it mean to walk with God? What she has to say is very encouraging though.

My friend Lisa has another thoughtful post - this time on multiculturalism and the church. Many people know that I love worship and how it is personal and cultural. That we can express our personal story to Christ and it doesn't need to be restricted. Its awesome. I look forward to seeing people worship God in a whole series of ways in heaven, in song, in dance, in caring for one another, by eating together, by sharing stories with one another, by being co-creators with God. I love all these different expressions that show our gratitude to God but also the way in which when we do these we come closer to understanding what humanity was truly intended to being about.

Steve Taylor of Emergent Kiwi has done a blog on the theology contained in the Hillsong song "for all you have done", he has been very kind to Hillsong who for all the theological issues contained in their songs (particularly the ones leaning towards "Jesus is my boyfriend songs and bad prosperity gospel) have actually written a song which is pretty sound theologically. Well done Hillsong, and well done Steve Taylor for being gracious and humble.

You can see further reaction to a Steves blog on Bill Kinnnon's blog who gives his critical response.

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