Wednesday, December 27, 2006

21st Birthday - The Ups the Lows and the drops

I turned 21 today it has been a mix of emotions today, with some surprises and one real low!

I'm pretty tired and it has been an emotional roller coaster of a day

We went out for lunch today as a family. We went to Zillis Cafe. This was a really nice small cafe which mainly does turkish meals. It wasn't really flash, but it was nice and intimate. The owners were nice, cherpy and really really freindly. We all had a enjoyable time and felt rather full by the end of our meal. It is a recommended place to go and eat.

Me and Ben at Zillis before Lunch

Benjamin with his Calamari Rings

The Worst moment of my day though was when I managed to drop my camera on its lens! I think I've probrably damaged it and it will probraby not live to see another day. Might be out tomorrow trying to find another camera. Don't know why that would happen to me, oh well God Knows! Pretty Unhappy about what happened! Like I said God Knows why it happened!


Vanessa said...

congrats on turning 21 :)

Andrew Watson said...

happy birthday - and thats a nice shirt in photo 1.

cya in feb