Monday, December 04, 2006

Social Justice - Reid Monaghan

I read an article by Reid Monaghan on social justice. I think this gives quite a balanced view on social justice and christian mission. As a christian I feel I am called to help those who are less well off than I am. I know from my own life that the saving power of Jesus christ was partly shown through the love of christian families for me and my family when Dad was ill with cancer. Thier care, support and love for us gave me an understanding of what God had done in thier own lives and in the lives of my own family. Our family has been blessed by many people who have shown there love for God by helping those who are less fortunate. I came to know that God was real partly through the love of people who provided for us. I probrably would not be a christian if it wasn't for these people showing the love of christ through these actions of charity. I am grieved when people see evangelism as only preaching the gospel and saving people from hell. This is an important part of the redemptive plan of God, but got wants to save people from their situations as well on this earth. We need to take a wholistic approach to what the kingdom of God really means.

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