Sunday, December 17, 2006

B Collision – David Crowder Band

I discovered the David Crowder Band around a year ago when my brother got given Illuminate for his Christmas present, as a result they have grown to be one of my favourite bands in Christian contemporary worship. They are one of the most musically innovative Christian worship bands today. They have moved outside the box of most worship bands, explaining their relationship with God in real ways that connect with contemporary culture through metaphor and imagery. They don’t stick with the clichés in their lyrics or their music and are attempting to move Christian worship forward. The reason why I have grown to love this band so much is that they are musically really good! I enjoy listening to these guys at anytime, they are really fun to listen to at any time. (You can hear the fun they are having on the CDs when they have some of their interludes.) I walk to work listening to their stuff, or I can sit in my bedroom praising God. They are musically and lyrically talented and well educated.

They are an indeed creative exciting refreshing group within the “Christian Genre”. They are probably one of the most revolutionary groups since delirious came out with their cutting edge CD’s in the mid 90’s. At times this band can go a bit over the top, and sometimes their overuse of synths can get a bit painfully annoying!

B Collision is a follow on album from The Beautiful Collision, basically remixing the originals of The Beautiful Collision and doing them using bangos instead of guitars. This might sound lame, but it an amazingly awesome album, because that band has the ability (and probably a good enough producer!) to pull it off. They have used the bangos to create an awesome fresh listening experience.

Another thing I love about the David Crowder Band is they take old classic hymns and make them contemporary with the use of guitars and synths. I love old style hymns because of the doctrine and ideas that are contained in classic hymns. Songs that they have sexed up earlier include All Creatures, and I Saw the Light. On this album the do I Saw the Light again using bangos and Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven, and the redo I Can Hear the Angels singing. In redoing these songs, their meaning and the truths that they hold can be carried onto future generations and to the culture of contemporary western society.

Musically these guys are awesome; this is one of my favourite albums by these guys so far. I recommend this album to anyone who enjoyed the O Brother Where Art Thou CD or contemporary Christian worship music that sounds fun, fresh and innovative. Actually I recommend these guys to anyone. Try them, they are really cool!

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