Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Brick to Camera Phone

I have finally got rid of my old brick. It didn't die on my (even though I have given it more puninishment than any phone deserves in its life time.)

I got a new Sanyo 3100s. I chose this phone becuase the sales people at a number of shops said that they were reliable and easy to use.

The Staff at the Wharehouse in town were hopeless, they only sold me the phone because I knew what I was looking for. I then had to go upto dukes arcade telecom to change my number (Aparently they could have done the number change over at The Wharehouse themselves!) I changed my number over to my new phone and got all my contacts put over to my New Phone. So I could use my new phone without having to put all my contacts into my New Phone - Very Impressive!

So far I have been impressed. When I turned on the phone I could basically do everything I wanted to do with the phone without looking at the instruction manual. The amplication on the phone is excellent and I'm happy I no longer only have monophonic ringtones. Didn't really need to camera on the phone becuase the screen resolution on the phone is awful and so if the picture qaulity (only 0.3 Megapixels!!!!), but it will give me something to take pictures with until I get a New Camera (The camera lens is totally stuffed and one salesperson estimated it will cost over $500 to get a new lens so I'll have to get a new one :-( )

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