Monday, February 22, 2010

The Canvas

I got given a canvas today, it is empty. I have a paint brush, some paint, and my dreams.

Today I was talking to my mate Benn about the need for a new project. You see, as a person, I am easily restless. I get bored pretty easily and need new things to stimulate me and get my focus. Benn is one of the great people to have in your life as he thinks strategically and can show you something that needs to be done. I find it hard often to start things, I have been given the ability to finish (I got given acheiver as one of my strengths, but for some annoying reason I was not given something like activator to help me start things.

He showed me an area where I can start helping the community and prepare some material for. The world is my canvas, I can use my passions and my strengths to paint that canvas anyway I like to help grow my community and expand its horizons.

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