Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lent - Reflection No. 4 - the journey is so much easier with fellow journeyers

My mate justin invited me out on a walk today. Its one of wellingtons many public walkways created by the council to give you an greater appreciation for this amazing city (you get to walk along the edge of a golf course in Newtown - a pleasure that would be met with five security guards and dogs in other parts of the world.:

One thing about wellington public walkways, they are not well marked at all. Me and Justin spent a number of times stopping trying to figure out where we were going. We felt that we were lost about 15 times. In many ways I do not think we would of made that trip without each other being there. If it was just me doing the walk, I would of gotten anxious about the fact that we were getting lost and taken the bus home, and Justin would of just got him self lost and no one would of being able to understand his anxious and himself even more lost. We were able to share in the beauty of the moment, and learn valuable lessons of each other on the journey.

One of my favourite stories is the story of the Lord of the Rings - for two reasons. The story of freindship between Frodo and Sam, and the story of comradery of the fellowship. The Fellowship all have a mission, that is to save middle earth from Sauron and destroy the ring. Thier mission gells them together even though they go off and fight the enemy all across middle earth. Their faith that frodo and sam will make it leads them to have hope that they can defeat Sauron.

Then there is Frodo and Sam, Frodo relys on his freind sam to get him through the hard times as he gets weighed down by the burden he carries. Sam literally carries him at the end to help them reach the final goal.

Me and Justin had a great time today, sharing stories, sharing where we are struggling in the journey. I have learned in my time in Mosaic that we need people to give us strengh on the mission we are on. Passion can bring you only part of the way, you need freinds to cheer you on, comrades to be part of the charge. While as individuals we can do great things, as communities of people, we can create movements of change, real change. Passion is fired up when we work with others.

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