Sunday, February 21, 2010

Defrag for the soul

If you know a little about computers you will know that you are meant to defrag them every couple of months. Defrag is when you allow your computer to put the files all back in order in your hard drive and clean up the mess that you allow to accumulate when you delete, add, remove files. It gets rid of useless files and gaps and essentially makes your hard drive go alot faster.

My room is often a mess, it reflects thae fack that I lead a busy life. In my comings and goings I create piles of stuff that some time I will come back to and have a look at when it seems neccessary. This can often lead to me living a pretty chaotic life, trying to find things in the piles I have created. I actually have a lot of useful things in these piles, I just do not know where they are in the piles. When I clear these piles I find mess and clean it up but I also find things that can be reused in my life. I know in my life I need to slow down and take time out, so that I can clean up the messes. I am not well practiced at this though (I'm dispairing as I look at my room!)

The sabbath to me is a defrag time. A time created for man to slow down, take in the moment, reflect on where he is, the useful tools God has given him, and the mess that he needs to work on his life. God created sabbath as a gift for humanity. Rest is essential, it helps us recover, heal from woulds, and refocus our energies and refocus on the vision going forward.

I often don't take sabbath on sunday, I can not with the busy life I live in my community. But I have to find time to take to rest, refocus, and spend recovering and focusing on the one who created me and is making me whole.

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