Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is my first post of reflections from the season of lent, and appropriately I want to talk about confession.

Confession to me is a form of spiritual detox. We allow bad tanons to build up in our souls. These poisons take hold and become natural. Confession is a time when we realise that these toxins are hurting our system, and we detox from them. This naturally means that the season can be painful, we have to focus on new practices and new ways of living (our 12 steps to healthy living.)

Confession has often been seen as a hard idea and a hard discipline. It can be seen as about guilt and shame. But it is essential for new life, giving up the old and living in the new. Its an important part of continuing to tune up for ourselves.

So I have confessions.

Lord I confess that I often rely on myself, my own energies rather than you.
Lord I confess that I often put myself before others and my own agenda before yours.
Lord I confess that I often let fear get the better of me, holding me back from wholeness.
Lord I confess that I often forget to listen to you and to those you surround me with.
Lord I confess that I often live out of the lie of the primacy of the individual and forget that you have made me to live a live that sacrifices my own desires for the better of others.
Lord I confess I often live in the lie of consumerism.
Lord I confess that I forget the needy, the brokenhearted and the lonely.
Lord I confess that it is only in you that I can be made whole.

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