Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Dog Days are Over

I was listening today to Florance and the Machine's "The Dog Days are over." When you first hear the song the experience you get from it is that it is a celebration that something good is around corner. But when  I read the lyrics I found that the song is talking about the inverse of hope, urging the listener to run away from love as it brings hurt and pain.

No matter the meaning of the song I think one of the revolutionary crys of easter is "the dog days' are over. " A joyous cry that the captives are free. That israel is free from exile and God is establishing his kingdom. Gods kingdom is one of peace, joy and freedom. Gods rule will end chaos and establish shalom.

In the story of the Lion the Witch and the wardrobe is a good analogy for this. In the story the white witch is reigning over the kingdom of narnia. Her reign has led to their being  constant winter (without christmas.) Aslan enters in on the stage and the and winter begins to thaw. The power of evil over narnia is ending.

The story of the gospels is similar. With Jesus's ushering in of the kingdom we see Jesus excomunicate demons, heal the lame, give sight to the to the blind, provide food to thousands. All tell us that something was happening. That the end of winter was coming. and the cry is that "The dog days are over."

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