Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creativity in Scarcity

We recently had a financial crisis at my flat (aka "Area 51.") Basically we were at a point where we had very little money, and had to cut down our outgoings so that flat and learn some fiscal responsiblity quickly.

I innitiated my own personal policy of doing classic "Pantry cooking". What I found fascinating, is that through the experience, it spurred my creative spirit in cooking. I went and tried out ideas, and thought about how to put flavours together to creative a tasty dish.

Some of my friends are fans of the show Project Runway. My favourite part of this show is where the designers have to design something out of a random material. I love watching the creative process (the drama that unfolds on screen) and the creations they come up with.

A couple of weeks ago, me and my mates got to Mosaic to set up the area. Due to being a little bit out of practice, we had forgotten to bring a few peices of furniture. We decided to change it up for the night and use the peices of equipment and create a environment that people enjoyed. Erwin McManus tells the a similar (and better story of how one day they found out they could not use thier building at short notice, and they had a group coming from Saddleback church to check out how Mosaic "did church." A group huddled in a corner talking through ideas. His son wanted to be involved in the think tank. What Erwin found is that Aaron, his son came alive in problem solving, creating, and innovating.

What I find amazing is humanties God given ability to create and create things which are good and pleasurable and in the end give pleasure to humanity but also show Gods character. It seems that humanity comes alive when it is given the chance to create. Creating pleasurable food for my flatmates, for example to me is is an act of service, is hospitable, and for me fun.

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