Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lent 8 - Mornings with Mates

Each Wenesday morning, me and a group of a few mates get together for chatter and prayer. We have been doing this for about half a year now and it has been a great experience in the spiritual discipline.

Today we met at rise cafe, I was unusually late for the occassion (I am know for being habitually early to things, which comes from what I beleive is a subconcious fear for being late, but anyways that it a completely different story, which relates to echoes.) Lacey lead us in a time of reflection about where we are at. It was a good time to share our struggles, where we feel we are going in our journey with Mosaic and the state of play of the year.

Two thoughts come from this time: 1. We all need to take time out of our busy weeks to give to God, we are hopeless at silence, for allowing God speak to us. We are battered with noise.

2. What I have discovered in communities of faith, that no matter the number of meetings we hold to figure out what our priorities are for our limited time and resources, it is fruitless without allowing Gods sovereignty reign through prayer. Prayer is the act where humanity realises that we cannot do everything in the world and that its only through Gods grace that we can be agents of change in the world.

I have loved watching how God has worked through prayers over the last year. As we have prayed through the last year, we have seen Mosaic grow and take steps forward. It has been awesome.

I love journeying with Mosaic, its definitely not easy, and it definitely tests me, but the journey brings life.

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