Friday, February 26, 2010


As usual with fridays, I find it pretty hard to put together a coherent sentence. Usually i've been out with mates or I am trying to need out the knots that have developed in my life through the week. Fridays are often a time for the dust to settle from the carnage.

Its been a busy week, and I feel the tiredness settling on me as I write this post, I had a few headaches today and have felt pretty lathargic through the day.

We watched lost today, its the fifth episode of the last season. I'm one of those crazy lost fans, I got past the second series and love the show. I love it for the mystery in the show. Lots of people find it too hard to watch because of the mystery I love it.

I was talking to my mates recently about the fact that I think that mystery is a gift that we can embrace or a gift we decide to ignore. I see it as part of the classic "tension" between pure rationality and pure spiritiuality. Pure spirituality has always lived in mystery, to embrace the spiritual aspect of the world is to embrace mystery (all the religious beleif systems hold on to mystery - with beleifs about the supernatural and the divine), while pure rationality beleives everything can be explained through rational thought, science etc. Max Weber, the classic german sociologist explains rationalisation as the "mastery over mystery."

The tension is shown the story of lost itself, between the Characters Jack Sheppard and John Locke. John Locke comes to the Island as a cripple and is miracourously healed by the Island. Through the story he beleives that he has a fate, and that the Island has an ultimate purpose for him. But he also struggles with doubt in his own abilities and strengths. Jack Sheppard is a surgeon, his goal is to fix people, fix problems, but he can not fix the issues in his own life. He beleives everything is explainable when he comes to the Island.

Through the story we see a constant tension between the John and Jack, with both going there own ways through the story, one to find his purpose, the other to try and define his purpose. In the story though it seems fate may be winning out and free will may not be as much of an option for jack as he first thought.

Lost is a great show as it allows you to ask questions, and go on a journey. One of the great joys with lost now is we are getting answers to the questions - but we are getting more questions and the ride continues. I love mystery, and thats my I enjoy lost.


Joshua Baker said...

I believe you meant to say "lots of people find it too hard to watch because it's so freakin' slow".

I'm having fun at the moment thinking about how rationality and faith interact regarding the historicity of Jesus, and getting madder by grades at Lee Strobel for his gross simplification of the matter.

Turns out also the past is full of mystery.

Nathanael Baker said...

Hey Josh. Thank you for the comment. sadly I have never read strobels book. I think your insight about the past being mysterious is correct. I think that may be one of the reasons why I love the study of history.

Looking forward to this evening.