Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent reflection no.2 - Preperation

I am flying to Tauranga as I write this reflection. Getting ready to go into two meetings that I have been preparing for about two weeks.

Preperation for me often comes with alot of anxiety, some excitement, and hope that i will achieve the goal that I have sent.

Lent is a time of preperation. The act on the cross (both Jesus' death and ressurection) represent Gods victory over the powers of sin and death.

We see in the scriptures Jesus accted seriously up to the event. In his anxiety he sweated blood asking God the father if there was another way. He prepared his disciples for the event that was to unfold in front of them through the last supper and asking Peter and John to pray with him at gasemene.

This is a season of preparation, take in the experience.

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