Friday, February 19, 2010

lent is countercultural

Me and my mates went out to dinner tonight at an amazing Italian Restuarant today. What was bad for me was that I missed out on amazing wine and great coffee. As we were sitting there I felt like I was missing out.

It is interesting to limit your choice when there are array of choices. Our whole consumer driven world is driven by the fact that you have choice and freedom to make choices to enhance your happiness. We are driven by the need for instant gratification. By foregoing our choice and being self-discuplined, we are being counter-cultural in this day and age.

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Joshua Baker said...

Having only known about Lent for a few years, it is still not much but cultural for me.

Here's a story: some time last year I walked into an engineering lab, and a girl there saw I wasn't wearing shoes, and asked me if I was the person who was giving up shoes for Lent.

Apparently this was a big thing, that someone was giving up shoes for Lent. I recounted this story to Leigh, saying something like "isn't that a strange thing to give up for Lent", and it turned out that the mystery Lent-observer was Leigh himself (or at least Leigh was such a person). It was a touch embarrassing.