Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Community = sharing life together, no matter what

I went and watched a group of friends play ultimate today, it was the final game of their season. I enjoyed hanging out with this group. Particularly hanging out with my friends joel and kates little kid ania going on walks and playing games with her.

Communty for me equals committing yourself to journeying with a group of people and sharing life with them, no matter what, both the good the bad and ugly. In community we have to be willing to open up, be willing to share with others, and then be willing to let others share with us.

This is difficult, I know sometimes there are people in my own spheres of community, who I can find it really difficult to relate to and I do not really want to share with. One big challenge for me is to process through issues with people when they come up,  rather than hold them in.

The most powerful moments are those moments that gell a community together, these events are often those that shake the community up. Early last year we had an event like that happen. It was interesting to see how the community process through, praying for those affected, listening to one another, coming closer together to care through the grief we went through. For those involved it was an eye opening view on how good community can work and how good community can be a testiment to the love of christ.

As you know, I beleive that we were created to live in community with one another, and that only through community we can find health.

One of my favourite memories of our community was when Mosaic organised a party for my good mates Justin and Lacey before they went home to get married. It was great as it allowed us to involve Justin and Laceys network of freinds be involved in celebration of Justin and Lacey wedding and life together and show our appreciation for thier involvement in the community. The night was one where we could celebrate together and show off what sharing life together really emans 

I beleive that a healthy community is one that can laugh together, celebrate together, grieve together,create together. I beleive that as we figure out how to be community we begin to discover how to be truly human.

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