Monday, March 22, 2010

Questions without answers....

Last night, my good friend lacey blass led expressions. She talked about how we often focus as Christian on what the answers, rather than on the question. In our world, we love to pin things down, have answers. Not having answers scares people, because in our world, having an answer means we contain something - we can label it and control it.

We were given bunch of photos and we were to create creative questions around it. My one was of a lady in a lab with a giant bug behind me. The questions that came to mind mind were.

- If I was a bug, how far could I climb and how high could I jump.
- How would I view the world I I was a bug.
- What would my natural impulses be as a bug.
- Would my personality be any different if I was a bug (if all my experiences etc were transposed into a bug)

I have any interesting relationship with questions and questioning. When I was in my late teens, early 20's. I struggled with questioning. I had a beleif that as christians we should have all the answers, and if we didin't have the answers, we were somewhat doubting thomas' and we should review our faiths and confess our doubt. But, as I have grown older, I have realised, more and more, that the mature response is questions. God tells us to come to him like a child, have you ever seen a child, they are taking every moment, and they ask the most awesome questions, they dumbfound many adults through the questions we ask.

My flatmates girlfriend was over the yesterday, reading the bible trying to figure out a bible peice to do an exegesis on for a university paper. It was interesting listen to her questions, for some reason I wanted to answer them, and I did, try and answer them. I realised afterwards I was missing the opportunity to allow those questions to knaw at me, to come to new understandings, rather than answer out of what was really imperfect knowledge. For example why, oh why does the gospel of Mark only have passing mention of the ressurection of Jesus, when we hold it out as a key message of the christian faith?

What are the questions going on in my own life, we heres a flavour of the questions.

- How can I be a peacemaker, when I do not like someone and want to punch them out?
- How can I allow peace reign in my life?
- If God is a God of Justice, why is there so much hunger in the world?
- Why do I find it so hard to engage with pain in peoples lives? How do I leave the comfort zone, and become an agent of peace in the lives around me?

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